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Fred Begay Jr., of the Navajo nation,  is an accomplished sculptor and artist.  Although it may not seem important to highlight his heritage, it is important that you know this when seeing his sculpture. He is of Navajo/Ute decent, his father Fred Sr. Navajo/Ute and his mother Navajo. Fred was born on October 12, 1953 in Shiprock NM, the home of his mother, Helen. He was then raised and educated in Albuquerque. Being drafted during the Vietnam war he served in the Coast Guard from 1971-1975.


Fred began his Art Career in 1989 as a self-taught sculptor using alabaster, limestone, marble and bronze casting. From 1999-2002 he was a fine arts technician for the Institute of American Indian Arts.  


Fred believes his Artistic Values evolved from both the Navajo and the people of the South West.  A Navajo Heritage although a multi-cultural lifestyle living among the Pueblo (Santa Fe) he was inspired by their Art Designs. His father was a renowned physicist and therefore Fred Jr. was raised to recognize the added artistic inspiration of how our worlds evolved.


His Art is of basic Form and Design.  He uses symbolism from the South West Indian people to create an identity for each sculpture. He began with drawing, painting and jewelry of Navajo silver and turquoise.  Currently he is fabricating steel sculpture, primarily ANIMALS such as The Bison, Stallion, Bear, and Ram all of "Fetish Heart Line and Lifeline design".  This inspiration evolved from the PUEBLO -the Fetish was to acknowledge the power and wisdom of that animal for healing and curing.   The heart and lifeline symbolizing its Breath and Harmony.  From the NAVAJO Fred turned to the sand painting: originally for healing.  There are many stories that include the "Yei" that symbolizes the man and woman.


Fred's sculptures have been of the "Protection" series, and meant for your home, both indoors and out.

Fred is an Award Winning Artist and his continuous requested participation in Juried Art Shows is a testament to that.





Museum of the American Indian, Santa Fe, NM



Cristo Rey Catholic Church, Santa Fe, NM

"Navajo Madonna"


Boswell Medical Center, Sun City AZ

"Healers of 4 Directions"




Heard Museum Indian Market, Phoenix, AZ - JURIED



Native Treasures Indian Market, Santa Fe, NM - JURIED



Santa Fe Indian Market, Santa Fe, NM - JURIED



Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market, Phoenix, AZ



Thunderbird Artist Festival, Carefree, AZ





I am an Architect in practice for over 50 years.  Fred's bold simplicity of design, proportion, and use of material all attracted me to his sculpture  at the Thunderbird Artist Festival in Carefree AZ where his work was a total stand out.   To me he was the best of the Show and I commissioned him to create his Bear Fetish at a scale 6 feet tall.  Other clients of mine saw his work and also commissioned him to create similar sculpture.  He is now creating a grand Stallion and Bison for me.  I cannot say enough accolades about his sense of design and his ability to deliver exactly as promised.  As a collector with my own sculpture garden I applaud the Navajo/Ute Heritage that he incorporates into every sculpture.


Stephen W. Schwartz AIA, Architect

Livingston, NJ

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